We at J.M. Securities, develop equity portfolios consisting of research based shares, that suit your risk appetite, financial objective and time horizon and churn these portfolios from time to time as and when required to generate high returns.

Super Speed Portfolio : short term with one month to three months investment horizon

Compounding portfolio : three months to one year horizon to give you compounded growth

Multiplier Portfolio : one year to three years investment horizon to give you a multiplier effect on your investments.

In this segment our services include :

  • Report writing & editing – Company, industry, country reports
  • Data search/ Content aggregation from the Net
  • Data search from databases
  • Data compilation / organization / tabulation (into databases, tables, etc.)
  • Data analysis (charts, number crunching, trend analysis, etc.)
  • Weekly portfolio performance report to our clients in order to maintain complete transparency.

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